White's M6 Matrix Ultimate Metal Detector for Gold, Coins & Relics

  • $1,199.00

The White’s Matrix M6 is a high performing, medium priced, easy-to-use gold, coin and jewellery detector perfect for prospecting parks, beaches and general use in ALL ground conditions! It is one of the most affordable and easy-to-operate metal detectors from White’s. Perfect for finding jewelry, gold and silver coins in almost any terrain - it even features a "beach mode" to hunt on wet, salty sand!

The seven tone target identification will keep you from even having to glance at the M6’s display - just listen for the sounds you want to dig! The tones range from 57Hz to 900Hz, and the visual display has a corresponding VDI number to help you know what you’ve found BEFORE you dig! Go anywhere and find everything with the White’s Matrix M6!


  • Frequency : 14 kHz
  • Warranty : 2 Year Limited
  • Total Weight : 4 lbs (1.9 kgs)
  • Control Box : Weatherproof Box
  • Audio : Built-in External Speaker and Headphone Jack
  • Turn-on-and-Go Simplicity : 2 Controls - DISC and SENS
  • 7 Tone Audio ID : Just Listen for the Sounds you Want to Dig

    Factory Included Accessories:
    • 9.5" Search Coil
    • Penlight 8AA Battery Holder

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