Bachmann USA 13601 BAC 72' Heavyweight Combine PRR Tuscan Red #9921

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A combine car in North American parlance, most often referred to simply as a combine, is a type of railroad car which combines sections for both passengers and freight.

Most often, it was used on short lines to carry passengers and their luggage, as a full car would not have been cost effective. One half (or less) of the car is built like a baggage car while the other half of the car is a regular passenger car. This type of combine is referred to as a coach-baggage. Another common type of combine in railroad use was the coach-RPO. A portion of this type of car was configured as a railway post office while the rest of the car was configured as a coach.

- Prototype Specific Details
- RP25 Wheels
- 4 & 6 Wheel Die-cast Trucks per Prototype.
- LED Non-flickering Lighted Interior
- E-Z Mate Mark II Couplers
- Undercarriage Details
- Flush Mounted Windows

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